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Trombone, piano, and…laptop? Stephen Croes on the auditions

Stephen Croes, Dean of the Music Technology Division, talks about the auditions and the music and culture of Istanbul.

“I think the thing that stands out about the musicians we’ve auditioned [in Istanbul] is the enormous diversity.  There was a woman who’s got a degree in opera, who came in and sang an aria. It was very well done, a young woman of 21.  Some people sang classic American jazz standards with a certain edge of pronunciation that’s distinctly Turkish, and it grabs your attention.  

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60+ musicians audition in Istanbul

The audition roster – 30 people per day for two days – had been filled before the Berklee team arrived in Istanbul, mostly with musicians from Istanbul and nearby towns, but a few were from as far away as Bahrain and Azerbaijan.  The clinics and audition prep sessions the previous days caused interest to spike further and many put their names on a waiting list in the hopes of coming by an open slot.

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Faith and gospel leads teen to Boston from Robert Johnson Blues Showcase

Crystal Springs is more then 200 miles south of Clarksdale.  It is 10 miles north of Hazlehurst, where Robert Johnson was born.  A grandson of the most legendary Delta blues musician is Steven Johnson.  He and his family make their home here.  Steven’s father, Claude, Robert Johnson’s son, and his mother live close by.  At one time, Steven was a teacher at the Crystal Springs High School, where he also attended.  He is now vice president of the Robert Johnson Blues Museum and Foundation.  The storefront museum is in the Crystal Springs historic district.  Among its items is an upright piano that a local resident donated after a family member admitted seeing Robert Johnson play it.

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Alumni at the Juke Joint Fest

In between sets by the Delta Blues Museum’s Arts and Education Program and Grammy-winning Delta blues legend Honeyboy Edwards, I had the chance to catch-up with a couple of people who had spent time on Berklee’s campus.

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Searching hallowed turf in Mississippi for summer scholarship recipients

I’m Allen Bush, director of Berklee’s public information office, and, at the moment, bridge-builder to Mississippi. I’m here in the Deep South this weekend to find teen musicians or singers and award them scholarships to Berklee’s five-week summer performance program. My partners will be the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, and the Robert Johnson Blues Museum, in Crystal Springs.

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