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Gary Lazzara: Interview with Keith Harris pt. 1

Berklee intern Gary Lazzara asks the question “How does music education translate into the realities of life in the industry?” Gary interviewed Keith Harris producer, songwriter, musician and performer with The Black Eyed Peas for answers and will post his interview on Thursday.

There was a time in my life when I used to think there were only two types of income possibilities in the music industry. One was as a super-star artist making millions of dollars, like the artists I saw on MTV, and the other was the musician dressed in a funny costume playing the Dixieland combo-band at Disneyland. As a result, I felt pressured to follow a career in business and to keep my music interest as a hobby. Becoming a super-star felt as far fetched as winning the lottery and I felt the odds of being successful with a business degree were more realistic.

After a few semesters as a business major and a partnership with an internet startup, an offer came my way to work in the mortgage industry during the height of the mortgage boom. Like many others, I rode the mortgage wave until its collapse in 2007.

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Joshua Kipersztok: It Takes All Kinds…

Berklee Blogs follows Joshua Kipersztok, a fifth semester EPD major interning at Bear Creek Studio near Seattle. Check back periodically as we post updates on his progress.

We’ve had many artists come through our studio in the past few weeks, all with very different sounds and all with nominally different attitudes. This revolving door of musicians has allowed me to notice the breadth of personalities that can be found coming through a studio. And, sometimes, the artists themselves do not correlate with the music they make.

For instance, only a few days ago, we had an incredibly heavy metal group come in whose music was sonically unforgiving, and loud as can be. In contrast, they were five of the coolest, most down-to-earth guys I have ever met, and when I talked to them before hearing the band I would not have known what kind of music they chose to play; I would’ve guessed indie-folk, or something.

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Joshua Kipersztok: Getting Attached

Berklee Blogs follows Joshua Kipersztok, a fifth semester EPD major interning at Bear Creek Studio near Seattle. Check back periodically as we post updates on his progress.

Here I am, about to reach the end of my second month here at Bear Creek Studio. So much information has been constantly fed into my brain that it has been slightly overwhelming at times. I can safely say that I have been, in some way, actively involved in every aspect of running this studio. I have been trusted to handle important transactions related to the business side of things, and have also been asked to provide the studio with research and opinion regarding new artists that may be interested in checking out what Bear Creek has to offer them. Just the other day, I was asked to provide a guitar solo on one of the in-session band’s songs, which felt like quite the honor (and I must say, the solo wasn’t half bad either!).

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Josh Kipersztok: Quality Control

This week’s blog features Joshua Kipersztok, a fifth semester EPD major interning at Bear Creek Studio near Seattle. Josh recently started his internship at Bear Creek and we’ll check back with him periodically for updates on his progress.

These past couple weeks have been a blur, to say the least. I have had a fair share of both positive and negative experiences throughout, but altogether I have grown tremendously confident in my abilities as an intern. To elaborate, there have been a few situations where I was told, bluntly, that my work on a particular task or two had not been adequate enough for the studio’s standards. These were tough instances to recover from, since it required that I honestly examine the flaws in my problem solving for those particular moments.

That being said, these bumps in the road have been important learning experiences, and I feel that I’m getting to the point where I can stop viewing my internship as a challenge but as an outlet for my newly acquired skills. Every day I come here now, I look forward to the new tasks presented, instead of shying away from them. Both Jerry and Ryan (my supervisors for this internship) have been very helpful in making sure I develop the confidence needed to handle myself in a professional studio.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now, more to come in the next couple weeks!

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High Touch vs. High Tech in Recording Studios

Gary Lazzara learned that people skills can be just as important as technical ability while interning at Dirty Water Sound & Music

As an aspiring music producer, mix engineer and sound designer in the world today, I decided prior to beginning my studies at Berklee that I would expose myself to as many opportunities related to my career as I could.  I knew before enrolling that Berklee provided many avenues for someone like myself to take so once I arrived, I began searching for things related to production, engineering and sound design.  As a result, I was introduced to the internship program through the Office of Experiencial Learning and decided to pursue an internship.

At the same time I was learning about the internship program at Berklee, through a contact, I met Jared Mooney, Owner/Producer/Engineer of Dirty Water Sound and Music (DWSM) in Charleston.  He informed me that he had an internship program through Berklee at his studio and invited me to come down. So I contacted the Office of Experiencial Learning to get more information about the internship program and how to register. The following day I visited the office, registered, and so officially began my internship.

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