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True Stories of a PULSE Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, approximately the week before Thanksgiving, a group of folks passionate about music education came together in a wonderful space on a hill with a mission. They traveled from Massachusetts towns near and far to learn the ways of the PULSE Music Method. Each of the attendees came from magical fortresses of positive youth enrichment! The PULSE Music Method would only help to reinforce and enhance the work that they were already producing.

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Outreach at its best

Hey everyone! Nazli here (pronounced Nazla)…I’m new to the PULSE department at Berklee. I am the administrative assistant.  My newness is so new that I’ve only had one staff meeting so far! At my first meeting, I learned about the recent travels of our Director, Dan Newsom. Dan had just returned from a site visit in San Francisco. He went to visit an organization called Youth Uprising to see how PULSE could be integrated with their current programs. It’s always good to get to know the people that you work with so I decided to have a quick sit down with him to find out more about his job and the trip.

1. How long have you worked with PULSE and what brought you here?

I have worked for PULSE since 2006 – before it was actually PULSE and before it was given the name. Curtis Warner asked me to come on board and help design some online music education materials.

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Send us your Tunes!

If you’ve seen Take 5, Rising Star, and other PULSE videos, then you already know what a large role music plays in the production of the PULSE videos.  As you can imagine, we listen to and create a lot of music in search of just the right tone for the project at hand.

Now, we are opening our doors and giving you all the opportunity to have your music featured in various upcoming PULSE projects!

You will gain an opportunity to expose your work to the public, and City Music and Berklee communities while giving back to today’s youth.

We are looking for various styles of music that we may choose from.  When the need arises for a certain tone, your track may be exactly what we are looking for.

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Partnership with Otis Redding Singer Songwriter Camp

This Past Week Berklee City Music traveled to the Otis Redding Singer Songwriter camp in Macon Georgia. There they shared the PULSE music method with the students as part of their curriculum for the week. Other artists involved in the week were Gwen Hughes, Mike Hinton, Lefty Williams, Caroline Aiken, Charlie Wooton and Rafael Pereira. You can read more about the week in this article.

Check out the students saying a quick hello to everyone!

Take 5 Episode 4

Maybe it’s the raw emotion of this episode. Maybe it’s the intimacy of the backstage accounts. Or maybe it’s the excitement leading up to the Blowout concert. We can’t say for sure. But whatever it is about Episode 4 of Take 5, it’s caused the thing to spread like wildfire within and outside of the Berklee community. And we couldn’t be more excited.

One thing that stands out in this episode, probably more than any before it, is the music. Picture is only half of any good production. And we have our PULSE audio guru, Elizabeth Acle, to thank for that crucial other half of the production – sound.

Elizabeth laid down original tracks in this episode and synched them with the classroom audio that was present in the footage, creating for the viewer the same intensity and pace that our cast members experienced during their last week of rehearsals. Additionally, she has created numerous MIDI tracks to create the perfect mood for the episode, and also composed original ballads to strike just the right emotion.

As we work to wrap up Episode 5, we are sad to see this project coming to an end. It was a bit of an experiment when we started out. But with the help of all the talented folks here at PULSE, and the diligence of our student producers, we’ve turned it into a top-notch production.

You can also see episodes 1-4 on the PULSE site in the Study Room or on the Berklee site.

Enjoy the show! And please feel free to blog your hearts out with any feedback.

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