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Back from Nairobi

BerkleeTeam (L to R): Michael Shaver, Ron Savage, Sam Skau, George W. Russell Jr.

BerkleeTeam (L to R): Michael Shaver, Ron Savage, Sam Skau, George W. Russell Jr.

We had an amazing week in Narobi, where we met many music educators in the region and a great number and variety of musicians who came to audition – including many who just came to be there and experience the vibe of the week.

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Nairobi so far…

Our first day in Nairobi ended with a deep sense that we’re on to something here. We just had a great meeting with a group of educators from local universities, regional high schools, and other reps from various programs including initiatives in community outreach and development.

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Berklee Team – Kenya ’09

Hello folks, this is to introduce myself and to let you know that I am en route to Nairobi with a fantastic team from Berklee to conduct one of our special moments of off-campus magic. This time the location is the Brookhouse International Schools in Nairobi where we will conduct auditions, meet educators, meet our amazing alumni there, and hope to welcome newcomers to our growing world of family and friends.

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Discovering new Africa Scholars

People who read BoT’s South by Southwest coverage might think that the college’s writers travel far and wide to cover events. Alas, not the case. Hence this blog—we want to follow along too. I’m especially envious this week: faculty and staff are going to Kenya to give clinics and audition potential Africa Scholars.

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