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Brendan James, Matt White, and Berklee alumnus Will Knox @ Cafe 939

Brendan James @ Berklee’s Cafe 939

Earlier this semester I attended my first Cafe 939 show, and WOW! Was I impressed! While I had been inside the Red Room at Cafe 939 to hear several guest artists to speak to my ACI class, I had never attended a concert to hear the acoustics of the room and the vibe of the venue. And I can confidently say that it’s the finest small-medium venue I’ve ever been to – just intimate enough to cultivate a sense of chemistry between the artists and the audience but also large enough and technologically outfitted to keep the energy level high. But enough about the venue – on to the music!

Berklee alum Will Knox @ Cafe 939

Will Knox performed solo to open the evening. Being that he was a Berklee alumnus, I already liked Will, but his fantastic English accent and his catchy songwriting certainly helped too! Immediately I was struck by how well he self-accompaniment himself on guitar, as the songs never felt lacking in energy, rhythm, or substance. Lyrically, Will’s songs ranged from incredibly serious, like “Immigrant Hands” that ponders the lives and struggles of immigrants coming to Ellis Island, to light-hearted angst, like in his song “I’m Going to Kill You In Your Sleep” about wishing harm on his former, and terrible, New York City roommate. Of course, he performed many songs that were somewhere in between silly and serious, but always well-crafted and passionate. Here’s an example from his newest EP Lexicon – Ice Capades.

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Photo Blog – Spring 2011 Singers Showcase

This semester I got to experience my first Berklee Singer’s Showcase, and boy, did it live up to the hype!

To get a little bit of backstory on the vocalists and how they were chosen for the Singers Showcase, check out my previous blog post on the Live Auditions.

Not only was it my first time experiencing a Singer’s Showcase, I had the pleasure of sitting next to an out-of-towner who was also attending his first Singer’s Showcase and getting his first real taste of the talent Berklee has to offer.

It’s easy to see from the photos why the showcase is considered Berklee’s biggest production of the semester, boasting additional LED stacks and a full compliment of talented musicians and dancers. Before the performance began, Berklee played a video real of past performers and famous alumni to really drive home the point that we could be seeing future stars and Grammy-winners at that night’s showcase, a point which I’m sure no one would deny after hearing the singers perform. Speaking of video, you can stream the entire performance and relive the excitement. But if you prefer to read about the show, here are the highlights.

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Sing Song with Bobby McFerrin

After seeing Bobby McFerrin last semester during his week-long artist in residency,  I fervently counted down the days until February 24th when he’d return to Berklee to perform with a chorus of Berklee students in the BPC.

And Bobby McFerrin did not disappoint!

The crowd gave a warm Boston welcome to McFerrin when he entered the stage and began singing in his signature a cappella style, highlighting his 4 octave range. After a few minutes performing solo, McFerrin was joined by the huge Singing Tribe Ensemble, comprised of 22 students, representing countries from all around the world including Argentina, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Holland, India, Italy, South Korea, and Russia. The creator of the ensemble, Joey Blake, selected the students for their talent and also their musical diversity to best highlight Berklee’s global student body.

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Singers Showcase Callback Auditions Concert

Sujin Lee Rockin' the Singers Showcase Callback Auditions

Berklee’s most anticipated showcase is just two days away! So, to get ready, check out what happened at the Singers Showcase Callback Auditions!

Get tickets for the concert or watch live from home.

After the success of the first Callback Auditions Concert in the Fall, Berklee again opened up the final round of auditions for the Spring Singers Showcase to the public vote with a live concert at the Berklee Performance Center, which also streamed live on the web. To up the ante from the first Callback Auditions Concert, Berklee invited American Idol vocal coach and arranger Debra Byrd to join the panel of Berklee faculty in helping the audience cast their vote for the top 8 out of 15 vocalists to sing in the Showcase.

Contestants Silvina Moreno, Gabriel De Rose, and Melanie Donnelly and the panel of judges

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New Year, New Semester, and Another Midterm Check-In

This post has been ruminating since winter break, when I first began reflecting on what I had learned from my first semester at Berklee and what I wanted to change going into my second semester. Being that it’s already spring break, I can share not only my original goals or “resolutions,” but also my progress thus far.

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