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在波士顿搬家Moving in Boston

波士顿附近的各个地区The Great Boston Area

波士顿租房指南About Off-Campus Housing

新生入学生活指南For New Students: Living Tips

从录取到入学From the acceptance to the start of school

All questions asked for Berklee Application(with new updates)申请问题总贴(更新)

继续关于专业的话题About majors Part II

About Majors关于专业

暑期上海大师班Shanghai Summer Workshop with Berklee professors

关于交学费 About paying the tuition

便利生活网站和app推荐Tools and apps recommendations

新生伯克利的课程What are Berklee classes like for entering students

关于申请伯克利需要什么这个话题About how good you have to be for applying to Berklee

小伙伴上了杂志Berklee student on the cover of Magazine

波士顿生活City of Boston



B.B King来麻省演出



Ambassadors Scratch the Surface in China

与校长的见面-A Meeting With Roger Brown

入门混音技巧-Guerrilla Production Techniques

第七届电影(短片)配乐大赛-Film Scoring Contest

桑图儿琴大师 Nandkishor - A Class with Nandkishor

CWP学生音乐会 - CWP Student Concert:Rhythms and Frequencies

伯克利室内乐音乐会 - Berklee Chamber Players

指挥副专业介绍 - Conducting Minor

电影配乐介绍 - Everything about Film Scoring

ELPD专业介绍 - Everything about ELPD

波士頓的冬天-Winter in Boston

感受波士頓感受感恩節-Experiencing the Thanksgiving in Boston

Julian的個人音樂會-Julian Chan’s Senior Voice Recital

拉丁爵士大樂隊音樂會-Latin Jazz Big Band at BPC

申請全過程第一步!托福!(First step of the Application, get your english prepared)

Hsiao Wei Wu (Peter) 個人音樂會-Hsiao Wei Wu's Recital

板本龍一在BPC-Ryuichi Sakamoto at BPC

視唱練耳教師音樂會-Ear Training Department Concert

生活在伯克利,生活在波士頓-Life in Boston, Life in Berklee

Bhrigu Sahn 在 BPC,個人音樂會-Bhrigu Shan at BPC

首篇伯克利中文博客(部落格)-First Chinese Berklee Blog

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